C/O Berlin - my secret life

The work "backrooms" by Maurice Baker will be shown at C/O Berlin
from the 7th of December until 2nd of February 2013 as part of the
group exhibition "My Secret Life".

Vernissage: 6th of December 2013

Other artists are
Mark Alker, Jochen Arentzen, Axel Boronczyk, Max Colson, Miguel Hahn & Jan-Christoph Hartung, Heinrich Holtgreve, Sara-Lena Maierhofer, Holger Stöhrmann, Marlene Sattler, Corinna Sauer, Marc Volk and Franca Wohlt.

C/O Berlin
Amerika Haus
Hardenbergstr. 22-24
10623 Berlin
check the website for more information http://www.co-berlin.org/en/my-secret-life

Some images of the opening on the 6th of December 2013:


Room installation at 2THEPOWEROF2 

2THEPOWEROF2 is an exhibition of a group of 5 artists multiplying by the power of 2 in four parts, loosely outlining the creation of mans capacity for chaos from the first light of creationists.

it will exponentially expand in a limited amount of time in an unlimited amount of space at uferhallen in berlin, wedding.

Other artists: 
Pablo Perra, Dirk Bell, Lucas Foletto Celinski, Nina Rhode,
Jean-Ulrick Desert, Peaches, Ilja Kloppenburg and many more.

All pieces/installations remain until the 24th of August

check the website for more information www.2thepowerof2.com
U8 Pankstraße

RISE: Fantasy Island


RISE GALLERY: Fantasy Island

A group exhibition by international artists
Gaelle Boucand, Osman Balkan, Maurice Baker, Ender Suenni and Kurt von Bley curated by Steven Kohlstock.

Fantasy Island presents an artistic interpretation of paradise. The places and people depicted have an unreal dreamlike quality and evoke a strong connection with the past. In a world where the artist is always a guest in their own fantasies they journey along unexpected paths.
The shows central theme is a personal visualisation of the reality of fantasy. The viewers will be guided through a fantastic world where paradise is not always viewed in a positive light. Each artist uses their own experiences to interpret this world through the mediums of photography, collage and video.All of the artists have worked in Berlin for many years, this city has become their home as well as their own fantasy island.
RISE Berlin
Hertzbergstrasse 27, Neukölln
12055 Berlin, Germany
Click for Facebook Event Page

Art Prize Tempelhof Schöneberg 2011


The work backrooms was awarded at the 
Tempelhof Schöneberger Kunstpreis 2011
and therefore part of a group exhibition.

The vernissage and the award ceremony will take place
Thursday, the 25th of August 2011, 7pm.

The exhibtion itself will be from 
26th of August untill the 9th of October 2011 at

Grunewaldstraße 6 – 7
10823 Berlin 
www. hausamkleistpark-berlin.de

participating artists are:

Helen Acosta Iglesias, Angelika Arendt, Maurice Baker,
Özlem Dalga, Anke Eilergerhard, Esther Ernst,
Jens Hausmann, Jan Klopfleisch, Jörg Laue,
Josina von der Linden, Albert Markert, Stéphanie Mohnhaupt,
Ev Pommer, Alfons Pressnitz, Monika Rechsteiner,
Dagmar Tränkle and Kerstin Weichsel

CANON ProfiFoto Förderpreis 10/1


My work "untitled - selfpotraits 2009" just won the CANON ProfiFoto Förderpreis.

The latest five winners of the bi-annual Canon ProfiFoto Foerderpreis for photographers under the age of 30 have been announced from a record entry of 252 participants and over 2,000 photographs submitted from all around the world. 






zustandmensch ausstellung


Vernissage - 6. Februar 19h30

7. Februar bis 7. März

Kronenstr. 71
10117 Berlin
U2, U6 Stadtmitte









6 junge Fotografen stellen aus.

Die fotografischen Arbeiten reflektieren die
Auseinandersetzung mit dem Menschen.
Durch individuelle Sichtweisen werden Themen
wie Identität, Gesellschaft, Schönheit,
Vergänglichkeit und Barrieren hinterfragt.



James G. Atkinson
Maurice Baker
Stephanie Englert
Steven Kohlstock
Crystin Moritz
Matthias Schade